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Hard Forks nfts is pleased to release its white paper, outlining the goals for this project as it moves forward into the future.

hard forks nfts has been an ever-evolving nft project created using the hedera hashgraph platform. hard forks originated from the hbar underground discord in november 2021.

the vision of where hard forks aims to go has evolved over time, originally intended strictly to be collectible artwork, hard forks now aspires to be more and welcomes those who want to support this future vision!


hard forks aspires to evolve from simply a collectible nft project into a unique metaverse space. the vision for this metaverse space is to be a unique intimate venue for the performing arts. a virtual representation of the dingy dive bars where up-and-coming and underground artists perform. this metaverse space will be called the hard fork cafe


we aim to accomplish this goal through the development of the hard forks community and the eventual launch of a decentralized autonomous organization (dao). the purpose of the dao will be to determine the future development and governance of the hard fork cafe and the booking of artists/performers which are to use the space. 

voting weight for members within the dao may in the future be distributed through the use of a token called fork. the development and distribution of this token remains to be determined. The hard forks community will be responsible for the development of a dao charter which will outline roles and responsibilities of the organization.

the hard fork cafe aims to recreate the entire concert-going experience. this includes nft ticket stubs for patrons to use and save as mementos of the experience and aims to work with performers to create and distribute custom nft merch to to commemorate each individual performance.

we have a lofty goal to reach the end state of this vision and will require the hard forks community to come together to help move this project to finish line.

the  hard  forks  community

our goalis to build out the initial hard forks community through the development of a discord community channel. membership to the hard forks community discord will initially be restricted to holders of the upcoming gen 0 hard forks nfts. gen 0 hard forks will be unique nfts available through an upcoming whitelist.

current holders of any hard forks nft will automatically be added to the whitelist. a to be determined number of available spaces will remain on the whitelist for new, would be, community members.

through the development of the hard forks community we will need to build a development team to work together to build this project out to completion.

Hard Forks Gen 0 White List

The entire premise of Hard Forks is that there are always new versions of everything all of the time splitting off from the original! The Link below takes you to the hard forks generator. Based on your answers to the personality test questions you will create a custom hard fork that represents you! Click the link below to go to the personality test:


the entire future state of this project is contingent on the development of the hard forks community, the development of the relevant technology and any upcoming regulations in regards to the administration of decentralized autonomous organizations. we will be compliant with any future regulations regarding the administration of a decentralized autonomous organization. there is no guarantee of any future value or utility of any hard forks nft. hard forks nfts remain a collectible nft artwork.

join  the  hard  forks community

sign up below to join the hard forks Community. If you have specific skills which may assist in the development of this project please outline these in the message portion of the sign up below.

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